Birthday Dress

My sweet nieces turned 1 earlier this fall!  I wanted to make a special dress for each of them, and when I mentioned that to one of my sisters she had a brilliant idea – a cupcake dress!  Here’s the finished product for  Anna, who turned 1 in August.  Happy Birthday, Anna!

Anna's Dress

Here’s a close up.  I love the cheerful orange gingham, and the combination of the bright colors.   I used seersucker for the “pants,” as we call the liner in our family, a pretty pink & yellow floral for the bit of cake peeping through, and a pretty white eyelet for the icing.


Technical details:  the dress is fully lined, and designed to grow with little ones.  The straps are extra long, so just moving the button allows mom to make the dress longer as baby gets taller.  The cupcake pieces are strengthened with interfacing, and stitched on with a satin stitch.


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