The Whoopsie-Doozie

I recently finished this bib for my niece Camille, but it originated long before that.


I made my first one about a year ago, when my daughter started getting so much food all over her clothes I had to take action!  I let her pick out the towel she wanted, which was orange, and I whipped up this.

It looks like a smock in the picture, but now that she’s grown it is not so long.  But still long enough!  I love this bib.  So much so that I let her pick out another towel and made another one just a few months after the first one, so that when one is in the wash we still have one to use.  They’re great!  They keep the food off her sleeves, off of her front, and they wash clean – time after time after time.  Plus there is the cuteness factor.

I’ve been told numerous times when she’s wearing one at a restaurant that I should be selling them, and as my nieces have grown into feeding themselves my sisters have seen the benefits too.  So I made the pretty pink one for Camille.   I hope she’s getting it good and dirty!!


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