Fancy Curtains

I don’t make a lot of curtains these days.  My time is more often spent making dresses for me, dresses for the wee one, or other interesting things for her.  But I am still willing to make curtains, especially for people I like a lot – like my sister!  These beauties are now decorating her living and dining rooms.  I call them fancy curtains because they have 2 fabrics – a floral print and a soft creamy linen – but mainly because they have gathered ribbon running along the seam between the 2 fabrics.  The ribbon adds a nice dressy touch, and pulls everything together.  I wish I had a close-up of that part, but I don’t, so a picture of each room will have to do.

Living Room

Dining Room

I can’t say they were exactly fun to make, but it sure was fun to see them hung.  Curtains really do change a room!  And I love that she loves them.


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