Owl Dress(es)

Just before Thanksgiving I finished a dress for myself that I am particularly excited about.  The idea has been in the works for a couple of years, and I finally actually made it, though the end result is a little different from where I started.  The dress is a rich brown, fine wale corduroy with short sleeves and some gathers.  It’s perfect for wearing with boots and a cardigan, and I am super excited about it, mainly because of this:

My Owl

The owl isn’t as big as it looks – it actually just takes up a little space at the bottom corner of the dress.  But I really like it.  It’s  my favorite dress at the moment.

Caroline likes it too, and I liked it so much that I thought it would be fun to make a dress with an owl on it for her.  Which brings me to an important disclaimer:  I am not a “Mommy & Me” kind of mom.  I never envisioned myself wearing matching clothes with my daughter, and I still don’t, though I realize that at least until she outgrows her dress she is apt to insist on wearing it every time she sees me wearing mine.  So it’s probably going to happen.  But that wasn’t the point of the dual owl dresses- it just happened that way!  🙂  End of disclaimer…

I already had some lovely dark purple corduroy and was planning to make a jumper for Caroline, so it was an easy decision to add an owl.  I just finished her dress up today, much to her excitement, and I love it!

Caroline's Dress

Caroline's Owl

There are a couple of matching fabrics, but mainly the owls are made of up different colors, with hers being predominantly purple.  They were so fun to make, and I am really pleased with both dresses – so pleased it will really be ok if we wear them together!  Here’s the best part – both owls have buttons for eyes, and both times when I sat down to go through my button collection I just happened upon the perfect buttons in my grandmothers’ old button boxes.  The ones on my dress are brown plastic, and look a lot like malted milk balls.  The ones on Caroline’s dress are purple pearls, and are both the exact right size and color for her dress.  That was an especially exciting find, and made me wonder what my grandmother wore once upon a time that had little purple pearl buttons!  Whatever it was, I’m happy to repurpose them for Caroline’s dress.  And happy that she likes it so much.


One response to “Owl Dress(es)

  1. SOOOOO fun! where’s the picture of your dress please!? i want to see it. 🙂

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