Here Comes Something Exciting!

I am excited to announce a bit of a new adventure – a line of little girl dresses! My specialty at present is toddler size dresses, but now I’m ready to branch out to bigger girls as well.

I’ve sketched out some designs for my spring & summer dresses, and am working on procuring fabric to make samples.  I’m planning to sell these dresses through home “trunk shows,” showing the samples and taking orders for custom-made dresses for each little girl.  I’m presently lining up shows, so if you are interested in hosting one please contact me!

I’m still happy to take custom orders as well – for the spring/summer dresses I’ve designed or something else you might have in mind.  I’m also still working on designs for the older elementary and middle school ages, so if you have girls those ages and have suggestions for me please feel free to comment or contact me.

That being said, here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve got up my sleeve! 


One response to “Here Comes Something Exciting!

  1. Juliana,
    I am excited! Have fun on your new adventure! The dresses are ADORABLE!

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