Winter Birthday Dress

This post is a little late, and a bit out of synch with our nice springy weather these days, but the dress is too fun to omit…  I posted earlier about the birthday dress I made for my niece last summer, but this is the one I made for my little one this past December.  I can’t believe she’s 2!

I made the winter version of this dress out of fine-wale corduroy instead of gingham, and let the birthday girl help select the fabrics for the cupcake.  I particularly like the polka dot fabric – it reminds me of colored sprinkles!  The dress has been a big hit, often requested in the morning as the outfit of choice.  And that makes me happy!

Birthday Dress

Cupcake Close-up

There is a “tee tiny” cupcake on the back, to hide a small blemish in the fabric & just because it’s fun!

Tee Tiny Close-up


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