21 Things I Like To Sew

Lately I’ve been asked a lot about what the 21 in patchwork21 means.  The patchwork part makes a bit more sense – it’s a sewing term, and it’s particularly fitting for my sewing because I do so many different things.  My sewing is genuinely a patchwork in itself.  But the 21 makes a little less sense.  Hence the questions.

The name patchwork21 didn’t really have an exciting origin.  Years ago I wanted a name for my fledgling sewing business; to me patchwork21 fit and made sense.  I like the name, big reason behind it or not.  So it’s stuck.  But as the question has come more often I decided to give the name more meaning with a list of 21 things I like to sew.  It really wasn’t hard; it took me all of about 5 minutes.  🙂  And since I made it I’ve realized a few things I’ve left off, but with my name being patchwork21 I can’t have a list of 25 things I like to sew!

So here’s the list.  Enjoy!

21 Things I Like To Sew (in no particular order)

  1. little girl dresses
  2. ladies’ dresses
  3. skirts
  4. curtains
  5. throw pillows
  6. baby burp cloths
  7. bibs
  8. jackets (men’s, women’s, kids’)
  9. tote bags
  10. belts
  11. baby bedding
  12. anything with appliqués
  13. ladies’ tops
  14. table skirts
  15. napkins
  16. valances
  17. quilts (by hand over the course of many years)
  18. seat cushions
  19. crib skirts
  20. baby wipes
  21. book jackets

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