A Southern Staple

We got to go to a wedding last month – an unusual occurrence these days in our household.  Of course I needed a new dress, so I got busy working on that weeks in advance.  Then somewhere along the line my husband decided it would be fun to wear a bow tie to this outdoor evening wedding.  He wondered aloud whether I could make one for him.  A homemade bow tie made out of unexpected fabric is much more fun than one bought in a store, and given my collection of fabric, much more economical.  So once I finished my dress I got to work on his bow tie, first by rummaging through multiple bins of fabric in search of suitable options, and by searching online for a good bow tie pattern – one that wasn’t too big and was self-tie (as opposed to being permanently tied and having one of those clips on the back).  After much debate over fabric, he settled on a nice green seersucker, and I made my very first bow tie.I think it turned out nicely.  He learned to tie it, and was one of only 3 men at the wedding wearing bow ties.  I’m pretty sure the others weren’t homemade.  🙂

I’m working on a Clemson orange gingham one for a friend now, and hoping it will get lots of use!  And I’m thinking ahead to next spring – wondering if there are dads out there who would like bow ties to match their little girls’ dresses.  Or maybe brothers would like to match their sisters?  Regardless of who they’re for, I’m hoping I get to make some more bow ties – they’re fun and easy and so very southern!

*For an alternate view of this bow tie in action at said wedding, check out our friend’s fine picture-making work at the following link (scroll down a bit for the bow tie): http://lukebugenske.tumblr.com/post/6734691508/christy-bryan-wedding


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