Some Fun Custom Dresses

The spring/summer dresses I made this year were so much fun.  I enjoyed meeting other moms at the trunk shows and sharing the dresses and ideas I had.  The most fun part of the trunk shows for me was seeing, and helping, other people put together their favorite colors and designs for their very own unique dresses!  I sold a few dresses just as I had designed them, but I sold even more that were one-of-a-kind, designed by the mom or aunt of the wearer.  That was fun!

I’m working hard on my fall/winter collection of dresses, but before I transition completely to that on the blog, I wanted to share some of the dresses designed by other creative ladies!

Orange Gingham with Green & Aqua Bird

Blue Polka Dots with Green & Blue Birds

Orange Gingham with Green & Blue Butterfly

Mom-Selected Fabric with Butterfly

Orange Floral with Pink Giraffe


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