Busy Week

Whew!  It’s been a busy sewing week around here.  I’ve had lots of different projects going, and been working hard trying to get them out on time.  It’s been a fun week though.  I really do love what I do, and though the busy weeks can be stressful and tiring I feel such a great sense of accomplishment when I get everything done.  And I absolutely love delivering things that people are happy about; it brings me joy to make beautiful things for other people- especially when they really like what I’ve done for them.

I’m happy with the results of my work this week, and I think the recipients are happy too!  Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been working on:

My mom ordered this set from me a few weeks ago for a baby shower she’s attending this weekend.  She requested green, yellow, and turquoise, and I couldn’t find anything in my fabric stash that I really liked in that combination.  So I went searching online for fabric and came across this one that’s perfect!  Once the fabric came in I had to move quickly to put this together and get it in the mail in time to reach her for the shower.  Done!

Monday's Project: Burp Cloth & Bib Set

Ready For Gifting

Another friend brought me fabric to make throw pillows last week.  With our trip to the beach last weekend I wasn’t able to start on them until this week, and she needed them for a shower she’s hosting this weekend.  So they were my midweek project this week.  I always enjoy sewing for this particular friend because I love her taste in fabric.  This time was no different – I enjoyed working with her fabrics and I love how the pillows turned out.  She was happy about them too.  Yay!

Midweek Project: Throw Pillows

I’ve been working with a designer to make this valance for a friend and former neighbor for awhile.  Once the fabric was chosen and delivered to me I was eager to get to work on it.  It is definitely the longest valance I’ve ever made, coming in at over 9 feet, and getting the medallions to line up all the way across took some solid thinking.  Then there was the challenge of getting it stapled to the board in my not-so-big house, which is the part I finished up this morning.  But I’m very pleased with the end result and hope it looks fabulous in her kitchen.  At the very least it will add a lot of color!

Friday's Project: Valance on a Board

Finally, I finished this bowtie.  It’s been in the works for 6 weeks, but I’ve had so much going on – sewing and otherwise – that it keeps getting shelved.   But I’m determined to take it to my friend on Sunday.  Plus my daughter informed me this morning that I needed to finish it.  So it was today’s other project, and it’s all done.  Ready for delivery on Sunday.

Friday's 2nd Project: Orange Gingham Bowtie

In the midst of all the actual sewing I’ve been doing a lot of legwork on my fall and winter dresses, in anticipation of a trunk show less than a month away.  I still don’t have all the fabrics I need, but (finally) most of them are currently in route to me.  One more dress is still in the design stage, but I saw some brand new fabric online yesterday that inspired me.  I think it’s time to get down to the actual business of putting these dresses together, so keep an eye on my blog for pictures as I get things going!  I’m excited to see it all come together, and I hope other moms will be too.

Some of the Fall/Winter Fabrics


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