How Do You Like Your Flowers?

This week I’ve been working on a new crafty sewing project.  I needed something I could do by hand while I keep up with my wee one, and I noticed last week that her headband needed a flower – to be extra cute.  So I stocked up on felt and made these:

And then she made these:

Well, technically she didn’t actually make them-  no needle and thread for the 2 year old – but she did design them.  She stacked up all the little flowers and put the leaves on, and then picked out the perfect buttons for their tops.  I think she did a great job, especially for a girl who often tells me that blue and orange don’t match!

So now we have a garden of felt flowers to enjoy and sell.  And more to come, once my cutting catches up with Caroline’s stacking.  The question is, what should we do with them (besides admire their happiness and beauty)?  I have some ideas – putting them on a headband being one – but I love to hear what other people would do with fun things like felt flowers.  So over the weekend I’m holding a contest: send me your ideas for the felt flowers.  What would you do with them, or how would you want to attach them?  How would you like to see them available for sale?  I’ll read through the responses Tuesday night and pick my favorite, then send the winner a flower.  So put your creative caps on and send me some ideas- I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


5 responses to “How Do You Like Your Flowers?

  1. Cute! I think they’d make a cute closure for a corduroy purse. Maybe attach the flower and make a loop to go around the button? (Though the button might need to be bigger.) Or attach it to a loop-like strip with velcro on the back of the strip where the flower is and then the soft velcro for attaching it on the front of the purse. I’m thinking this would be more for kid-friendly play purses, by the way. 🙂

  2. I would attach the magnets like they use on clip-on body jewelry and I would attach them to the top of shoes or over little kids’ belt buckles. They are super cute!!

  3. a few sewn on to the ends of a cute winter scarf? Probably just me eagerly anticipating cooler weather, but we will need to wear those scarfs again – eventually!

  4. I know they look big for an alligator clip but if they would stay, i mean, adorable! Also maybe like 3 around the neck of a dress – it would be like a dress with built in necklace! maybe on a pin that could cover up a Christmas tree on a holiday dress to make more versital?

  5. What great ideas! I love all of them, and with the exception of putting them on hairclips, hadn’t thought of any of them. My favorite though, and maybe because I am also eagerly waiting for cooler weather, is putting flowers on the end of a scarf. That sounds so cute! So congratulations Rochelle- you’re the winner! I’ll send you an email so you can send me your address, and which flower you’d like if you have a favorite. Thanks to everyone for your comments! 🙂

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