Fall/Winter Dresses Are Here!

It’s taken me awhile to get this post together, but it’s finally here.  I hope you enjoy seeing the dresses I have for the fall this year.  If you’re in Charlotte you’re always welcome to come to a trunk show or set up a time to come by my house.  I’d love for you to see these in person!

All of these dresses are available to order here, and I will customize them just for you.  You can mix and match fabrics and appliques, or create your very own custom dress – anytime.  Here they are:

This is the 4th birthday dress I’ve made, and they’ve all been different.  I really wanted to use this bright blue corduroy for a dress this fall – it’s so pretty and vibrant.  I like how the cupcake turned out – purple pincord for the “pants,” yellow rickrack, and pink and green for the  cake and icing.

Birthday Dress

My sister helped design this dress, and it will be my niece’s after I’m finished with my trunk shows this fall.  I love the color combination we came up with  – brown, turquoise, and purple.  And I think the mama and baby bird are really sweet.

At our house we affectionately call this dress the Farm Dress, though I am calling the style Marie.  It buttons in the back, and can be made with or without the sleeves.  I am really happy about how the combination of fabrics turned out, and especially excited to include a dress with farm animals on it!

This is a relatively traditional Christmas dress with a fun twist – it’s hot pink instead of red.  I fell in love with this corduroy when I first saw it, and when my sister suggested a Christmas dress made from it I knew that was perfect.  It’s a soft, drapey, finewale cord, and the pink is fantastic.  I love the combination with green gingham, and all the fun buttons.To make it more versatile, I made the Christmas dress reversible instead of just lining it.  The pinwheel fabric, while maybe not a favorite choice for fall, will be just the right thing I think to welcome early spring.  And it could be a breath of fresh air on those days in winter when you just don’t want it to be cold and rainy anymore!  A touch of rickrack makes it playful, and the pocket is perfect for little treasures.

I made an owl dress for myself, and one for Caroline, last fall.  We loved them, so I’ve decided to offer one this year for sale.  I love the khaki corduroy I used for this dress.  It seems like such a classic staple in a little girl’s wardrobe, yet with a fun twist with the addition of the owl.  The owl is made from several layers of fabric stacked on each other: a rich rose velveteen, a cream and brown houndstooth, and a pretty rose print.  I like how the different textures work together to create an owl that’s fun and playful.  If you prefer, there is also a chocolate brown owl option, made with chocolate brown velveteen, cream and brown houndstooth, and a pretty yellow print.

This is the first dress I designed in this group.  I discovered the fabric this summer, and knew it needed a pretty pink elephant to make it just the right amount of girly!  I had to wait awhile on the fabric, as it just became available for sale in August, but it was worth the wait.  I love how this dress turned out, and so far it has been the favorite among other moms too!  The elephant is made of the same rose velveteen as the owl, so it’s soft and touchable, and the color changes a little based on the light.  It’s fun and playful – good for dressing up or dressing down!

This dress is just right for fall days- it can be worn as a sundress when it’s warm out, or with a t-shirt underneath when the weather starts to get chilly.  This one was made with my niece in mind and has her initials, but the top could have an applique, or your daughter’s monogram.

Camille Dress with monogram

General Information About These Dresses:

  • All of the dresses above, with the exception of the Marie Style (Farm Dress) are fully lined.   The Christmas dress is reversible.
  • The fabrics are high-quality cottons; the ones that aren’t corduroy are designer fabrics
  • All dresses are hand-made by me, and can be customized to your taste and style.  Fabrics and appliques can be mixed and matched, and any of the Anna style dresses can be made reversible.  The Christmas dress or pinwheel dress can be made with lining  as opposed to reversible.
  • The Anna style and the Camille style dresses can be made in sizes from newborn through size 8.  The Marie style is available starting at size 2.
  • Prices for the dresses exactly as they are above are as follows:
  • Birthday Dress (Anna style): $40
  • Bird Dress (Anna style): $44
  • Farm Dress (Marie style): $55
  • Christmas Dress, reversible (Anna style): $63
  • Owl Dress (Anna style): $48
  • Elephant Dress (Anna style): $40
  • Monogram Dress (Camille style): $53

Prices for dresses that are custom-made will vary some from these prices and depend on the style, size, and details of the particular dress.  Please see my prices page for more information about custom dresses, or contact me below to talk about your ideas.


3 responses to “Fall/Winter Dresses Are Here!

  1. So cute! Hope your fall/winter shows are a success!!

  2. Adorable Juliana!! Great work!

  3. Juliana, These dresses are adorable! I hope your shows goes well. I have a little niece to buy clothes for now, so I may be contacting you soon. Take care, Jamie

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