I’m glad you asked (the basics)

Where are you? Charlotte, NC

For how long? 12 yrs

Married? Yes, to a wonderfully creative and supportive man!

Children? Yes, one hilarious 3-year-old girl & a sweet baby boy

What’s this about? I like to create things with my hands. I especially love fabric and creating interesting things from it. This is a place to share my creations, along with other random things, with whomever’s interested.  It’s a place for you to see what kind of things I make, and if you’re interested, contact me to make something for you.

What kinds of things do you sew? A little bit of everything…  Particularly baby/toddler clothes, custom bibs & burp cloths, custom nursery bedding, window treatments & pillows, cushions, and other custom projects as requests come and time allows.  I also make many of my own clothes, and occasional custom clothing items for friends.

When will my shop be ready? Truthfully, maybe never.  I love to design and make custom items, and life keeps me so busy I don’t have much time to make inventory.  So for now I’m sticking with custom made items- either dresses that I show through trunk shows and on the blog, other baby items, or home decor that you (or you and I) dream up and I make.  I can do something like you see here on the blog, or I can make something entirely new- just for you.  Contact me for more details.


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