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Lots of Cushions

We made a lot of cushions this summer.  In addition to the chair cushions we made (here), I made a new cushion cover for a neighbor’s bench seat, a big bench cushion for a friend, and a vinyl bench cushion.

My friend has a fabulous old church pew and asked me to make a cushion to soften it. We used 3 inch foam wrapped in dacron, and covered it with this pretty paisley. I am very pleased with how it turned out, and hope her family enjoys their new softer seating!

Prices for cushions start at $18/linear foot.

A new customer asked me to make a vinyl cushion for her farmhouse bench.  She needed something that would hold up to her kids, and picked some lovely silvery-gray vinyl from Modern Fabrics for the task.  (If you live in Charlotte and haven’t checked out Modern Fabrics, you should – it’s a great store with a unique vision and selection!)  Here’s the finished product.


Becca’s Nursery

I finally got my sister’s nursery pieces finished this week, and I am so happy with how they turned out.  I got them in the mail this weekend, and she promises to send pictures when they’re all up in the room.  But in the meantime here’s a glimpse of what she ordered:

Box-Pleat Valance On Rings

Alligator Close-Up

Crib Skirt

Frog Close-Up

I think the color combination she picked out is so fun, and I love the appliques.  We planned the alligator originally, and the frog was a spontaneous addition after I saw how well the alligator turned out.  I can’t wait to see them in the room, along with all of her craftiness!  And it’s quite possible that her ideas have inspired my own nursery decor…

Busy Week

Whew!  It’s been a busy sewing week around here.  I’ve had lots of different projects going, and been working hard trying to get them out on time.  It’s been a fun week though.  I really do love what I do, and though the busy weeks can be stressful and tiring I feel such a great sense of accomplishment when I get everything done.  And I absolutely love delivering things that people are happy about; it brings me joy to make beautiful things for other people- especially when they really like what I’ve done for them.

I’m happy with the results of my work this week, and I think the recipients are happy too!  Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been working on:

My mom ordered this set from me a few weeks ago for a baby shower she’s attending this weekend.  She requested green, yellow, and turquoise, and I couldn’t find anything in my fabric stash that I really liked in that combination.  So I went searching online for fabric and came across this one that’s perfect!  Once the fabric came in I had to move quickly to put this together and get it in the mail in time to reach her for the shower.  Done!

Monday's Project: Burp Cloth & Bib Set

Ready For Gifting

Another friend brought me fabric to make throw pillows last week.  With our trip to the beach last weekend I wasn’t able to start on them until this week, and she needed them for a shower she’s hosting this weekend.  So they were my midweek project this week.  I always enjoy sewing for this particular friend because I love her taste in fabric.  This time was no different – I enjoyed working with her fabrics and I love how the pillows turned out.  She was happy about them too.  Yay!

Midweek Project: Throw Pillows

I’ve been working with a designer to make this valance for a friend and former neighbor for awhile.  Once the fabric was chosen and delivered to me I was eager to get to work on it.  It is definitely the longest valance I’ve ever made, coming in at over 9 feet, and getting the medallions to line up all the way across took some solid thinking.  Then there was the challenge of getting it stapled to the board in my not-so-big house, which is the part I finished up this morning.  But I’m very pleased with the end result and hope it looks fabulous in her kitchen.  At the very least it will add a lot of color!

Friday's Project: Valance on a Board

Finally, I finished this bowtie.  It’s been in the works for 6 weeks, but I’ve had so much going on – sewing and otherwise – that it keeps getting shelved.   But I’m determined to take it to my friend on Sunday.  Plus my daughter informed me this morning that I needed to finish it.  So it was today’s other project, and it’s all done.  Ready for delivery on Sunday.

Friday's 2nd Project: Orange Gingham Bowtie

In the midst of all the actual sewing I’ve been doing a lot of legwork on my fall and winter dresses, in anticipation of a trunk show less than a month away.  I still don’t have all the fabrics I need, but (finally) most of them are currently in route to me.  One more dress is still in the design stage, but I saw some brand new fabric online yesterday that inspired me.  I think it’s time to get down to the actual business of putting these dresses together, so keep an eye on my blog for pictures as I get things going!  I’m excited to see it all come together, and I hope other moms will be too.

Some of the Fall/Winter Fabrics

Some Pretty Pillows

I found the pictures of these pillows while I was searching for the pictures for this post.  I made them about 2 years ago when my nieces were born, as a special keepsake of their nurseries.  I used a little bit of each fabric that my sisters chose for their nurseries, and had the girls’ names monogrammed onto the middle section for them.  I think they turned out well, and from what I hear my nieces really like them! 

Back of Camille's pillow - perfect for a nursery