Fun Burp Cloths

I’ve needed lots of burp cloths lately – mostly around here since my little man is a big spitter-upper!  But also for friends who are having babies.  They make such good gifts because they’re functional but also fun, and a little fancy.  My favorite burp cloths are the ones my friend Melanie made for me.  I had so much work to do as I waited for the little guy to arrive, I didn’t have time to make anything for him myself!  Until recently:

I had a little time on my hands one day, and some fabric scraps in front of me, which almost always spells something creative!  I added the elephant first, but thought it needed another color to offset the orange.  So I found a little piece of teal velveteen – just enough for a G.  It makes me happy to have finally made something fun for my little guy!

I also made a burp cloth this week for a friend who just had a baby.  Caroline suggested a turtle, and helped pick the colors.  I actually think this might be my favorite burp cloth yet!

These are fun and easy to make, and the possibilities for color combinations and fun fabrics are virtually endless.  And they make for great gifts.  Here are a few more examples of other ones I’ve done over the years:

Personalized for a baby girl.

More fun animals.

Coordinating set makes a great shower gift.

Presentation is key!

Lots of options


A Couple of Boy Bibs

My sister has a 10 month old son.  He’s really cute, but also a big mess – especially around food!  She’s been asking me for a couple of months if I’d make a bib for him like the one I made for his sister (here), so that he could stop wearing that one every meal.  We visited her a few weeks ago and when I saw him wearing the pink bib I laughed, and decided to really try to get a bib made for him quickly.  So here it is, along with another one she ordered to give to a friend:











Happy eating, Graham!  Hope you enjoy your new, red, boy bib!




I had just enough of the red towel left to whip this fun bib up for my little guy today, so he can match his cousin.  Yay!

A Comfy Chair

I just finished some chair cushions for a friend who’s expecting a baby really soon. She brought me a lovely wooden rocker and asked me to make cushions for the seat and back so it would be more comfy for all the hours she’s likely to spend in it. She brought fabric that matches her nursery, I got foam, and this is the result.

I love the striped piping and the tabs that pull in that fabric. I also really like how the buttons turned out, and how well the tabs hold everything in place.

I can’t actually take full credit for this project because I had a lot of help from Nick on this one. He helped with calculations, placement, and even sewing. We enjoyed working together and this chair looks better than it would have if I had done it alone.

Congratulations, Melissa! I hope you enjoy many comfy hours with your baby in your rocker!

Welcome Geoffrey!

It’s been really quiet here on my blog for 7 months or so, all because of a sweet little guy named Geoffrey who came to us right before Christmas last year.  He is such a gift, and we’ve all been enjoying him and his fun little baby personality.  But it has certainly made things like blogging fall way down on the priority list!

I have been doing more sewing lately, and hope to have some posts and pictures up soon of what I’ve been doing.  But my favorite thing I’ve done since I last posted is Geoffrey’s nursery.  You may notice I was inspired by my sister’s nursery – I changed the fabrics and animals, but did basically the same thing for Geoffrey’s room that I did for my nephew’s a few months earlier.  I’m so happy with how both of them turned out, and Geoffrey’s continues to bring a smile to my face everytime I walk in – even 7 months later!

This might be my favorite thing in his room – the name pennant.  I love how it frames the crib, and just how bright and cheerful it is!

I am also pleased with how the window treatments turned out:

These pillows are in the running for my other favorite thing about Geoffrey’s room.  We kept the double bed for our occasional guests, and I covered it in pillows so most of the time we can use it as a fun place to play and read stories.  The throw pillows really liven up the solid brown comforter, and add to the playful spirit of the room.

A close-up of the appliques:

And the banner:

And the happy little man himself:

I’m pretty sure he likes his nursery!  🙂