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Lots of Cushions

We made a lot of cushions this summer.  In addition to the chair cushions we made (here), I made a new cushion cover for a neighbor’s bench seat, a big bench cushion for a friend, and a vinyl bench cushion.

My friend has a fabulous old church pew and asked me to make a cushion to soften it. We used 3 inch foam wrapped in dacron, and covered it with this pretty paisley. I am very pleased with how it turned out, and hope her family enjoys their new softer seating!

Prices for cushions start at $18/linear foot.

A new customer asked me to make a vinyl cushion for her farmhouse bench.  She needed something that would hold up to her kids, and picked some lovely silvery-gray vinyl from Modern Fabrics for the task.  (If you live in Charlotte and haven’t checked out Modern Fabrics, you should – it’s a great store with a unique vision and selection!)  Here’s the finished product.