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A Comfy Chair

I just finished some chair cushions for a friend who’s expecting a baby really soon. She brought me a lovely wooden rocker and asked me to make cushions for the seat and back so it would be more comfy for all the hours she’s likely to spend in it. She brought fabric that matches her nursery, I got foam, and this is the result.

I love the striped piping and the tabs that pull in that fabric. I also really like how the buttons turned out, and how well the tabs hold everything in place.

I can’t actually take full credit for this project because I had a lot of help from Nick on this one. He helped with calculations, placement, and even sewing. We enjoyed working together and this chair looks better than it would have if I had done it alone.

Congratulations, Melissa! I hope you enjoy many comfy hours with your baby in your rocker!